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Dobos Andrej

Dobos Andrej

(1911 – 1997)

Slovakian artist-monumentalist of the Ukrainian origin, painter, graphic artist, pedagogue. 

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Since 1937, he was a member of the Society of Fine Arts in Subcarpathian Rus. Since the 1940s – the member of the Union of Artists of the Subcarpathians, from 1946 – of the Slovak society "Svoina", and from 1949 – the Union of Slovak artists. In 1973, he was awarded the honorary title "Honoured Artist of the Czechoslovak Republic".

The artist was born on 4 November 1911 in Novosad village, Trebyshov District (Slovakia). In 1926-1930, he studied at the Uzhhorod Teachers' Seminary, where he met and studied at Adalbert Erdeli. In 1933, under the guidance of the Professor Švabinský, Andrej Doboš studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, but he had to leave it because of poverty. In 3 years, he had the exams in Budapest and received a certificate for teaching sketching, descriptive geometry and mathematics.

Among the works of Andrej Doboš, there are a lot of landscapes, as he, like other followers of A. Erdeli, was fond of nature and sceneries of the Carpathians. In the 1930s, he studied folklore and traditions of Subcarpathian Rus. This left a mark in the artist's work. Critics consider the landscapes of Dobosh to be emotional and expressive; they have a noticeable influence on the founders of the Transcarpathian school of painting. It is noteworthy that Andrej Doboš – one of the first students of Adalbert Erdeli.

In addition to landscapes, the artist also performed portraits and figural compositions, and since 1940 – graphic works as well.

During the Second World War, Andrej Doboš taught at the Mukachevo City School where he was a teacher sketching and drawing. At the same time, he received the postgraduate education at the Pedagogical Faculty in the city of Szeged (Hungary).

After the war, he settled in Kosice. He continued studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, worked in the restoration studio of the People's Gallery, where he improved his skills. Then he was teaching in schools of Slovakia.

Since 1960, Andrej Doboš was an active participant in the exhibition at the Prague Castle – since then he became one of the most notable people of the Košice art school. It is interesting that for all his life the artist signed his work in Cyrillic letter.

Since 1963, the artist was more focused on spontaneous and expressive graphics. Thus, there were the cycles "Touches", "Notes", "Messages", "Dialogues", and his cycle "Magic" resembled an abstract alphabet. From this moment, the artist began a slow return to the figurative art.  In addition, he showed his abilities in the monumental art – the mosaic panels of the artist decorate the buildings in Pryshove and Košice.

At the same time, it was created landscape paintings, such as: "Oranka" (1952), "From The Train" (1958), "The Collective Farm" (1958), "For The Motherland" (1974), "Small Domasha" (1975), "Summer in Osturňa" (1978), "Spring" (1978), "First Snow" (1981) – they are centrepieces of the East-Slavic gallery in Košice.

Personal exhibitions of Andrej Doboš took place in Košice (1958, 1961, 1966), Pryshev (1958), Trebyshiv (1958), Yalta (1966), Bratislava (1967), Trentoni (1967), Chicago (1967), Brno (1975), and Uzhhorod (1976).

Prepared on the articled of I. Nebesnyk "Andrej Doboš. The 100th anniversary of the artist's birth".

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Статті в газетах та журналах

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(Сторінка 1) | (Сторінка 2)
(Коротко про біографію і творчість)

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(Життя і творчість митця)

Публікації в Інтернет-ЗМІ

Добош Андрій // Енциклопедія сучасної Ураїни. – 

Медвідь П. 105 років од народжіня Андрія Добоша // – 2016. – 4 листопада. – 

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