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“Tiberiy Szilvashi” painting in Uzhhorod



“Tiberiy Szilvashi” painting in Uzhhorod

Painter Tiberiy Szilvashi has come to Uzhhorod. He was born in Mukachevo in 1947, he left for Kyiv in 1962 and then he has started his dialogue with the space of art all over the world.

And this is now on 17 November (and till 17 December) for the first time he returned to his father's land with an exhibition project that covered the history of his painting and life. He has come for the first time with the exhibition project which comprises the history of his painting, his history of painting and his history. The action received absolutely appropriate title – “Tiberiy Szilvashi” – the name and the surname which are directly associated with painting (no wonder that "Painting" is the usual title of his canvases) and also symbolizes the penetration into new, unexperienced spheres, and the mobilization and support of the art circles. He is absorbed in creative work that flows out of the painting space and out of the exhibition hall or gallery, and is easily transformed into a verbal presentation, or converted into a text, and can acquire the form of a book or turn into the theatre, into performance with the author and the public drawn into, and finally it looks as a project of various projects.    

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Besides the ingenious and simple idea concerning the tripartite structure of the exhibition (artist's CV (photos, information), space objects (on photos), painting ("Monochromes" cycle) suggested by Pavlo Hudimov, the curator hand of Szilvashi himself has been working invisibly on several levels and, and what is interesting, he spent no effort for this. The project had started before opening day, the expectation and the presentiment were its part. Than the action of opening was in progress, where Szilvashi himself was one of the objects (in fact he was its magic centre) and impulses of his works have been creating the field of force, which could not be overcome by visitors, and in the end they, unusually happy, for an unusually long time could not leave the exhibition space.

And then the comprehending and interpreting of the hours sojourned in the gallery came, and a new expectation act appeared – the next day presentation of Szilvashi's books (their authentic titles are "Tiberiy Szilvashi. Essays, texts, dialogues" and "Reality"), the majority of copies being sold at vernissage. And Silvashi will speak at presentation and one will be able to listen to him, and it is as if one is looking at his painting or is reading his texts. And then one can come repeatedly, individually and catching the moment with nobody present, can himself feel happy for a while in the lines of force network of the exhibition-project of Tiberiy Szilvashi, one of the most important figures of the Ukrainian modern art non-figurative sphere, the philosopher of creative activity and practical worker of painting.        

Text: Mykhailo Syrokhman
Photo:Nataliia Pavlyk