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Easter thematic exhibition of the Transcarpathian artists was opened on April 11, 2017 in the exhibition hall “Uzhhorod Gallery”. The exhibition consists of almost fifty works of 35 artists of the region. Except the paintings, the audience will also be able to admire small, but not less significant selection of ceramics works. The exhibition will run until the end of April. 

Easter theme, spring and light mood are prevailing in almost every work presented in "Easter Exhibition". The connoisseurs of Transcarpathian painting will be presented with numerous pleasant minutes by the works of artists, well-known in Transcarpathia and outside the region. Among the exhibited paintings - spring still lifes, illuminated by heat cityscapes, religious  motives, unusual plot compositions.  It cannot be in any other way at the time when the earth is awakening, one of the exhibitors, a famous painter Petro Sholtes says: “What does Easter mean for artists? It is a Klondike of inspiration because everything flourishes around, a lot of colour, flowers, trees are blooming .... Then today, I was walking around the city and thinking of the place where I would paint tomorrow, and if only the sun was there, because it was very nice...” The People’s Artist Volodymyr Mykyta presented at the exhibition one of his works of 2011 “Pysanka” - a feast, miracle full with bright colours. Contemplating it, the master confessed in a specific experiment, flirting with colours: “The artist must be in constatnt search for a life time. So do I- searching, experimenting, accepting some new aspects".

Borys Kuzma, the Chairman of the Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, says that pre-Easter week is time when the viewer should be given soul food: “It is a clean week, and I think, that everyone gets ready for the big holiday of Easter not only by doing some chores, but also spiritually. Therefore, every year we traditionally try to prepare the exhibition before Easter in order to remind that every person has a lofty aim to which he/she is approaching. The artists have their own view of these things, via their works they find the contact with viewer, confess, repent, rejoice...”

Generally, the following artists presented their works at the exhibition: Y. Babynets, Yu. Bodnar, Ya. Bonar, H. Buletsa, V. Vinkovskyi, V. Vovchok, V. Habda, M. Hresko, O. Hromovyi, T. Danylych, I. Demian, S. Doroshuk, V. Dub, Yu. Ehorova-Rohova, T. Ivanytska, A. Kovach, P. Kovach, B. Kuzma, V. Kuzma, E. Levadska, O.Malesh, V. Mykyta, M. Mytryk, Yu. Moshak, V. Pavlyshyn, L. Pryimych, E. Prykhodko, M. Rosul, P. Riaska, N. Sima-Pavlyshyn, T. Usyk, O. Fedor, P. Feldeshi, M. Shete, P. Sholtes.

The participants were congratulated on the opening of the exhibition by the head of the Department of Culture of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Viktoria Frolova, and the Chairman of the Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Borys Kuzma. Together with the Head of the Graphical Section of the Union of Artists Ivan Didyk, they noted the winners of the XI Exhibition and Contest “Graphic Transcarpathia”, which was recently held in Uzhhorod. This year, the best graphic artists in various categories became O. Fedoryshyna, V. Kuzma, S. Lakatosh, M. Ivancho, V. Andrianov, and I. Zhupan.

Text: Nataliia Petervari
Photo: Oksana Yurchenko