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Jubilee exhibition of Myroslav Hresko



Jubilee exhibition of Myroslav Hresko

On 7 March 2019, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Myroslav Hresko presented bright and unusual works at his personal jubilee exhibition.

More than 40 canvases widely demonstrate the artist’s creativity and characterize him as a multifaceted author and profound person. The works are presented in different genres: these are landscapes, themed scenes using folk motifs and heroic style, several still lifes, however, undoubtedly, sacred art occupies a prominent place in the creativity of Myroslav Hresko. By the way, the author is engaged not only in easel painting, but also in monumental art – he has many iconostases.

“I wanted to present my creativity as broadly as possible. All this is not in vain: for example, folk themes, heroic style is directly related to contemporaneity. All those mistakes made in the past are of great significance for Ukraine now,” the author commented on the selection of works.

There is also a special work for the author – “Requiem”. It is quite fresh and was made, according to the artist, almost on one breath. “This work is dedicated to the Maidan and the Revolution of Virtue. I value it the most,”– Myroslav confesses.

Chronologically, works have been presented since the late 80's to the present day.

The author is interesting in the techniques of execution: in addition to traditional oil paintings and acrylics, there is a rare cold encaustic painting. The main component of this technique is wax, thanks to which the surface becomes matte, and the works are kept for a long time.

Two presented still lifes are fundamentally different manner of execution. This is due to the fact that the artist chooses the technique and style of execution in view of the fact that he depicts. As the author himself explains, one of the still lifes is made in the Dutch style due to the fact that “the meaning of the existence of these particular objects on the canvas is their decoration - it is thin. Another manner of performance is simply unthinkable here – the work would have lost its original beauty. When you have an idea, it dictates a way of realization, an approach. ”

Despite the tangible author's style and the “non-Transcarpathian” school of painting, Myroslav Hresko is impressed by the creativity of regional artists: in his works, he successfully synthesizes the best of it.

Volodymyr Mykyta, a classic of Transcarpathian School of painting, noted the works of Myroslav Hresko with a profound thought: “I feel that you gave us a heart and a soul in every work – they are not superficial. Each of them has a very powerful positive energy.”

A Ph.D. in Art History Mykhailo Pryimych remarked: “The artist managed to possess this hall, because the only person who possessed himself can take possession of the space. The works are delicate in colour, but each work is done honestly. Not only the religious theme is revealed: there are a number of very archetypal things here, such as images of the Cossack Mamai, Marusia Churai, hetman Polubotko – a person tries to present us his world, which we must perceive through these works.”

The exhibition will last until 21 March 2019.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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