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“I do not perceive colour...” by Anhelina Hafynets



“I do not perceive colour...” by Anhelina Hafynets

On 26 September 2018, it was opened the first personal exhibition of Anhelina Hafynets at the gallery “Uzhhorod”. The artist presented about 20 works performed over the last few years.

Anhelina Hafynets is a young Transcarpathian artist, a member of the Youth Association of the Transcarpathian Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She studied at the Uzhhorod Art College of named after A. Erdeli, Transcarpathian Art Institute. In 2018, she received a master degree at the painting department of the Transcarpathian Art Academy. Since 2013 – participant in regional, national and international art exhibitions. She works in the technique of oil painting and watercolour. She is not afraid to experiment in her creativity. The artist is looking for herself in new painting styles. Her favourite genres – still life, landscape, and abstraction.

The exhibition “I do not perceive the colour ... Unfinished project” – the first personal exhibition of a young artist.

“I present the works of a new direction, created within the last few years, which have already been represented at three national exhibitions of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, at the All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Still Life (Karas Gallery), as well as in four regional exhibitions. Landscape “Snowy Carpathians”, in particular, received a prize at the All-Ukrainian exhibition “Picturesque Ukraine”, took place at Mariupol Centre for Contemporary Art named after Kuindzhi,” Anhelina Hafynets told.

As for the concept of the exposition itself, the artist told as follows: “I do not perceive the colour… This is a challenge! Fascinating immersion in the infinite colour and its possibilities… A new experience on the path of knowledge of the mystery of art.”
The exhibition of Anhelina Hafynets will last at the gallery “Uzhhorod” at least until 7 November 2018.

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk

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