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Exhibition "From St. Andrew’s Day to St. Nicholas’s, from St. Nicholas Day to St. Basil’s"



Exhibition "From St. Andrew’s Day to St. Nicholas’s, from St. Nicholas Day to St. Basil’s"

On 21 December 2017 in the Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine (Kyiv), it was the solemn opening of the festive exhibition "From St. Andrew’s Day to St. Nicholas’s, from St. Nicholas Day to St. Basil’s" within the museum project "Family Values – Family Ties".

According to the organizers, the exhibition name occurred quite naturally: the Korzhs, the Radkos and the Trehubovs joined together in one great artistic family.  The exhibition, initiated by Taras Korzh, is devoted to their parents Andrii Radko, Vasyl Korzh and Mykola Trehubov. And the names of their parents miraculously coincided with the Christmas holidays: vechornytsi and divination on St. Andrew’s Day, gifts from St. Nicholas, shchedrivky on St. Basil’s Day…

The exposition contains about a hundred works in a variety of genres and styles. Art lovers have the opportunity to see everything the great artistic family works on – paintings, graphics, sculptures, porcelain, batik, and watercolours.

All the works were presented by 11 authors of the large family. Volodymyr Radko (1951) – an original and contemporary artist, his works reflect the subtle perception of form and space. They reveal the world of the infinite expression. Liudmyla Korzh-Radko (1956) – an artist, whose creativity is distinguished by elegance and special creative style, it calms down, but makes you think. Serhii Radko (1963) – an artist-monumentalist, but a potter by vocation. "Clay and furnace is a call of fate for me", Serhii says. Kateryna Radko (1974) – a master of the graphic art. Her works are fascinating. Looking at the images, you feel their magical effect, as if you yourself become a part of the incredible story. Myloka Trehubov (1922-2007) and Valentyna Trehubova (1926-2010) – the artistic couple, whose works are the example of high professionalism, fine art taste and deep knowledge of the national traditions, art and literature.

Working at the Korosten Porcelain Factory, they managed to create their own unique, recognizable style. Their products adorn collections of numerous museums and private collections. Nataliia Trehubova (1952) works with different materials and in different techniques, but all of her works are unique and bright. Volodymyr Trehubov (1957 – 2013) created special and insightful images, his enchanted coloured world. Bohdan Korzh (1952) – the author of more than two thousand works in the genres of sculptural portrait, medal art, sculptures of small forms, monumental sculpture. His works adorn museums of Ukraine and numerous countries of the world. "The master of the form, a metaphysician, who creates the images of spatial thinking", an art critic Oksana Havrosh says about the artist. Lesia Korzh (1979) – a versatile and beautiful master. The materials she works with are very different, but each work is full of life-affirming power. Taras Korzh (1989) makes his creative space by playing with colours, shapes, and lines. His abstractions are rhythmic, they catch an eye and make looking at this unusual coloured world.

The feature of the exhibition was the presentation of the website www.artkorra.som, which will allow you to more closely get acquainted with the work of the artistic family.

The exhibition will last until 11 February 2018.

Text: Olena Onda
Photo: Kostiantyn Mokhnach