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Exhibition of illustrations by Kateryna Shelevytska



Exhibition of illustrations by Kateryna Shelevytska

On 18 March 2019 in the Mukachevo One Space restobar, it was opened the first personal exhibition of illustrations by the artist Kateryna Shelevytska. The girl presented the most recent works on various topics.

About a dozen works of the artist relate to various topics – some represent a series of illustrations about the famous literary character Harry Potter, others relate to the role of women in society. In general, Kateryna addresses often to feminism. She explains: “The topic of a woman interests me for a long time: women at all times have been very underestimated, they were few in culture and art. Therefore, in my works, I focus my attention on this. In the summer of 2018, I even launched a 10-day Challenge “The image of women in mass culture.” It was joined by about 300 people from different countries and all of them for a certain time published their drawings with images of women. ”

The illustrations from the Harry Potter series are interesting because the illustrator was not tied to the book or cinema image of a young wizard, and she interpreted his appearance at her own discretion.

All works are digital illustrations and executed using computer graphics. Kateryna Shelevytska inherent contrasting colour palette: “I have been painting for a long time and have adopted a combination of colours and contrasts from there. I love and often use bright, pure colours.”

In the future, the artist plans to engage in animation. By the way, her first work in this kind of art, Kateryna, created just for this exhibition. She also plans to develop a comic book about women.

The exhibition by Kateryna Shelevytska will last until 18 April 2019.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photos provided by Kateryna Shelevytska
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