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"Impasto" gallery presented the exhibition "Graphics"



"Impasto" gallery presented the exhibition "Graphics"

On 17 August 2018, an exhibition "Graphics" was opened in the exhibition hall of the Vynohradiv City House of Culture "Impasto". Works of the artists of the regions such as Valentyna Kosto, Diana Dobosh-Broda, Alona Stasiuk, Marianna Havrylo, Mariia Kovach and Viktoria Taips are combined by the creative search for a female figure in graphics. In spring, young artists exhibited their paintings and now they amazed the audience with a variety of images and experiments with graphics.

The series of works "White Blossom" by Valentyna Kosto is intertwined with the search for her own style and self-expression.

Alona Stasiuk deliberately built her own concept of black and white contrast in the series "Time" and "Singularity". The artist successfully operates with coloured planes in her series of works "City" and "Sunflowers".

Positive impression is made by the works of Mariia Kovach. They are full of creative searches, interesting compositional solutions. The author aptly uses coloured spots in her works "Fly-Agarics", "Earth", "Physalis". They do not focus on themselves but allow to see the entire composition at once.

The beauty of the graphic works is intensified by the watercolour works of the exhibitors. Thus, for example, Diana Dobosh-Broda presented together with her graphics "Pysankas", "Space" her watercolours "Dandelions", "Blossom of Dandelions". Marianna Havrylo showed her colourful sketches of flowers and picturesque corners of the city. Colours of the painting works of Viktoria Taips do not also leave anybody indifferent. Landscape works "Garden", "An Old Hut" and "Borzhava Watercolours" amaze by the harmony of colours, transformed into a lyrical and poetic image.

The symbiosis of more than seventy works by six participants gathered a lot of admirers. Everyone chose a work for himself and was looking at it for a long time. A local artist Vasyl Hudan said: "Every work is full of the content through the minimum of means. Notable is a high level of professionalism of the artists, an impeccable technique of execution, a thorough knowledge of the material that is felt in every work."

The exhibition "Graphics" will last at the gallery "Impasto" until 15 September.

Text and photo: Olha Hal
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