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“The world in which I live” by Vasyl Vovchok



“The world in which I live” by Vasyl Vovchok

On 11 April 2019, it was presented a peculiar result of creativity by the famous Transcarpathian artist Vasyl Vovchok. The artist presented about 80 canvases in the Transcarpathian Art Museum named after Yosyp Bokshai. The exhibition is timed to a remarkable jubilee – in late April, the artist will celebrate 60 years.

According to Vasyl Vovchok, now, at the discretion of the public and the art admirers, he presented only selected works – those that correspond to “the general line that passes through the creativity of each artist.”

He arrange the exhibition in such a way as to maximize the creativity. Therefore, one can see here wide geography of creative plein airs of Vasyl Vovchk – Uzhhorod, the outskirts of the city, landscapes of Transcarpathia, Kyiv and even Europe and America appear on canvases through the prism of figurative thinking of the artist.

The artist shows one of the presented work. On it – a rural landscape, an old hut under the mountain. “This is the place where I was born and grew up, from which my universe and my horizons began to emerge,” V. Vovchok says. This work carries a certain symbolic meaning for the author, and therefore it occupies a special place in the exposition.

The exhibition is rich in genre and subject matter: here and still lifes, and landscapes, and rural architecture, sometimes the Carpathian landscape appears on the canvas, sometimes – just a picturesque sketch, perfectly conveys the mood and atmosphere of the place that the observing eye of the artist was able to fix at a certain moment… “We all who live in Transcarpathia are very lucky: we have such beauty around that it’s enough to go outside or go outside the village – and you already have a lot of motifs for creativity, some plein airs,” Vasyl Vovchok adds.

Some of the artist’s paintings are made in oil, but most of the works are painted with acrylic, Vasyl says that he has been working more easily in this technique.

“The world in which I live” – in such a way Vasyl Vovchok titled his retrospective exhibition and sincerely invites all art admirers to look into that amazing paradise that talented artist sees.

The exhibition of Vasyl Vovchok will last until 13 May 2019.

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk

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