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Joint exhibition of works of Vasyl and Vlad Habda



Joint exhibition of works of Vasyl and Vlad Habda

Harmonious synthesis or a combination of incompatible? On 11 January 2019, in the art space ILKO Gallery it was presented a joint exhibition of works of the classic of Transcarpathian School of painting Vasyl Habda and contemporary Vlad Habda.

The development and even the continuation of the Transcarpathian School of painting are shown on two floors of the Uzhhorod gallery. In total, there are about 40 works by Vasyl Habda and almost 30 works by Vlad Habda.

With this exhibition, as Vlad himself remarks, he sought to show how the Transcarpathian School of painting has changed and what it came to. The canvases are placed separately and this is why it is possible not only to compare but also to see the origins of contemporary art in Transcarpathia.

‘In such a combination it can be seen that my father had a great influence on my creativity. He always pushed me to the contemporary: “Do not repeat! Go your own way!” – he said. The Transcarpathian School of painting has not ended: here I am standing in front of you – a living representative of the Transcarpathian School of painting,’ Vlad Habda emphasizes.

The first floor of the gallery will transfer the viewer into the world of oil painting by Vasyl Habda. The works are selected in such a way that in retrospect to show all periods of the artist’s creativity. Genre is dominated by landscapes, there are still lifes. “Vasyl Habda’s classicism is in the striking simplicity of his works. This is the ideal and not just the result, when, as in classical music, restraint deepens, reveals the theme, and a sudden emotional flash is left to the viewer as his audience discoveries and artistic experience,” art historian Mykhailo Syrokhman analyses.

As if following in the footsteps of the development of the Transcarpathian art school – you go upstairs to the second floor, where, in fact, the canvases of Vlad Habda are placed. Self-sufficient and contemporary, whose work is radically different from his father, and at the same time – a clear follower, but with his own, new vision. In contrast to the works of Vasyl Habda, Vlad offers the viewer – abstractions, contemporary still lifes and landscapes, made of acrylic, and rarely of oil. These are a series of works, among which are 8 canvases created for the project “What colour is jazz?” jointly with DARK SIDE QUARTET, which will be held on 19 January 2019.

The exhibition of works of Vasyl and Vlad Habda will last during the month – until 10 February 2019.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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