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Exhibition of Darmstadt artists in Uzhhorod



Exhibition of Darmstadt artists in Uzhhorod

On 23 August 2018, the exhibition of Darmstadt artists was opened at the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. The exposition is held within the twinship of Uzhhorod and Darmstadt. The curators from the German side are the artists Klaus Blecher and Paul Hirsch, from the Ukrainian one – Taras Tabaka.

The exhibition is timed to the Independence Day of Ukraine, after all, on this day, 24 August 1992, it was signed a partnership agreement between Uzhhorod and Darmstadt. This friendship has lasted for almost three decades. As the head of the "Darmstadt–Uzhhorod Partnership Association" Viktoria Sino told, so far the cities have collaborated in various directions and now for the first time – in art sphere, which is considered to be extremely positive by both sides.

In general, the exhibition presents the works of 9 members of the Darmstadt Union of Artists, six of whom came to the opening to Uzhhorod. The purpose of the project, according to the organizers, is to present art of the German artists to the Ukrainian audience as well as to establish contacts between the artists, sculptors and other creative people in their twin cities.

Ukrainian art admirers can see paintings and sculptures – almost three dozen works that were recently presented at a huge exhibition in the German city. As noted by the curator of the exhibition from the Ukrainian side, a painter Taras Tabak, the presented works are various in techniques, manners of execution and the author's concepts, but they depict the modern trends in art of the Darmstadt region very clearly. In general, the works can be featured by the German fundamental approach, clarity and simplicity of thinking.

"The exhibition of German artists has a significant role in the context of activating modern Transcarpathian art. That is why the main goal on our part is to give as much information as possible to the Darmstadt colleagues about the history and development of Transcarpathian art, about its current trends. Thanks to this project, we have a great opportunity to bring our people much closer to the creative processes that take place in the cultural environment of Germany. And vice versa – next year we will be able to introduce the contemporary art of Transcarpathia to the colleagues in the German twin city,” the curator added.

The exhibition of creative works is supported by the Uzhhorod City Council, city authorities of Darmstadt as well as Transcarpathian Regional State Administration. The organizers are the public organization "Darmstadt-Uzhhorod Partnership Association", Darmstadt Union of Artists. The support of the German-Ukrainian public organization "German-Ukrainian Circle of Friends" is also important. The initiator and main driving force of the project is the German public organization “Darmstadt For Culture”. Additional financial support for the project was carried out by the ENTEGA Foundation.

The exhibition will last at the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life until 7 September 2018. Admission free.

Text: Nataliia Petervari
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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