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A retrospective exhibition of paintings by Krystyna Danko-Sholtes



A retrospective exhibition of paintings by Krystyna Danko-Sholtes

On 11 September 2018, in the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Uzhhorod, it was opened a retrospective exhibition of paintings by Krystyna Danko-Sholtes.

Krystyna Danko was born in 1947 in Uzhhorod. Her mother Klara – a teacher, cousin of Fedir Manailo, her father Emerykh Danko – the leading doctor-dermatologist, known far beyond Transcarpathia. Since her family was friends with the famous Transcarpathian artists, Krystyna grew up in a creative atmosphere, and eventually, she studied in the studio of the wonderful pedagogue Zoltan Bakoniia.

The first personal exhibition of the artist took place in July 2007 at the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. Moreover, the artist’s works were exhibited at international exhibitions. She participated in the exhibition of watercolours for students of Zoltan Bakoniia dedicated to his 90th anniversary.

In the exhibition presented today, there were about 48 works made with oil, acrylic, and watercolour. The art works full of purity, colour transparency, the harmony of colours and composition. As noted by art historians, the style of the artist is far from academic, close to naive. She managed to preserve the child's sincerity and spontaneity of world perception.

The rich colour range is dictated by the artist’s feelings and outlook: being brought up among the coryphaei-artists, she absorbed all the richness and diversity of colours inherent only in the Transcarpathian school of painting. That's why Krystyna's works are sincere and direct, looking at which one would like also to take a brush and create watercolour miracles…

Native land is thematically the closest for the artist – the beauty of the father’s house, spiritually rich and incredibly beautiful in its pristine beauty. Yellow, purple and emerald Carpathians, ancient wooden churches, rural landscapes and mountains covered with a ghost of dusk and fog – everything appears on the canvas of the artist through the prism of her worldview. 

The creativity of Krystyna Danko-Sholtes is awarded various prizes, diplomas for personal contribution to the development of international cultural partnership in the field of fine arts and professionalism.

Exhibition of Krystyna Danko-Sholtes will last in the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life for two weeks.

Text: Nataliia Petervari
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk

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