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From Lutsk to Uzhhorod - such is the extended space of Carpathians, presented by the artist Olena Zhuravel in the art salon “Art-Pro”.

On June 9, 2017 in the city over the River Uzh it was opened the debut personal exhibition of the master who lives and works in Volyn, but is passionately in love with Carpathians. The exhibition presented works created mostly in recent years.

The artist appears before the audience as a mature, formed artist. Her artistic heritage consists of landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and even abstractions. She prefers working with watercolours, acrylics, new and modern techniques. “Recently, I constantly look for something new in my works, I’m not afraid to experiment. And, even if something fails – I’m not disappointed, keep on working, because the process is so addictive that I can’t tear myself away from it,”- the author says.

The palette of the artist is extremely rich and bright. The author does not use black colour in her work at all, she says there is no black in nature, so it is not necessary to search for it. Our land is so colourful that one should just be able to look at it and reproduce it. The artist’s paintings are full of blue, light blue, purple, and although the author enjoys cold colours, her works enlighten love, tenderness, amorousness. Here, on the canvas there is warm summer night and next to it there is a road among the mountains in the evening time. Another painting depicts tempting apples, and wild flowers are resounded by the sweet nagging ache in the chest... In general the exhibition is integral and to some extent chamber, it makes the impression of the balanced, thoughtful, well-formed space.

The artist herself says that her paintings reproduce the unique natural beauty of her native land, and above all – the mountains. Coming to Transcarpathia, the author always gets an incredible boost of energy, which is then flow out on the canvases: “I’d like to convey verges, subtleties, powerful energy of the Carpathians colour which is only in this region. As the energy here is really incredible - it comes from the very mountains, sun, it inspires and motivates.”

An artist Emma Levadska, present at the opening ceremony, noted the incredible lightness of Olena Zhuravel’s works. “In her works it is felt freedom, what influenced her she revealed without any rudiments, she broke out, - the Uzhhorod artist said.–We, adults, are often constrained, but we should learn from children, because they feel the principle of that freedom, which is essential for adult artists. And, that is felt in the works of our guest.” The exhibition of Olena Zhuravel will last in “Art-Pro” for two weeks.


Text: Nataliia Petervari    

Photo: Robert Dovhanych