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Exhibition to the Day of Unification of Ukraine



Exhibition to the Day of Unification of Ukraine

On 22 January 2019 in the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum named after Y. Bokshai it was opened the exhibition, timed to the Day of Unification of Ukraine. The exposition was created on the basis of the museum collection and works by the members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

The exhibition is extremely diverse in techniques, styles, and genres. In total, it includes nearly nine dozen works, in particular, painting, sculpture, individual graphic works presented here, watercolour, watercolour on wet, ceramic panels, etc..   

A separate part of the exhibition consists of works from the museum collection – works by unknown icon painters of the 18th and 19th centuries (“Christ On The Throne”, “Descent Of The Holy Spirit”, “Blessed Virgin Mary And Child”, “Christ The Teacher”, “Crucifixion Of Christ”), as well as the icons of the authorship of Illia Brodlakovych-Vyshenskyi, Mykhailo and Tadei Spalynskyi, and Hnat Roshkovych. Presented at the exhibition and a sketch of the interior painting of the monastery church in 1934.

Thematic selected and presented in the museum halls of the work of the founders and coryphaei of the Transcarpathian school of painting – A. Kotska, A. Erdeli, F. Manailo, Y. Bokshai, A. Kashshai, E. Kontratovych, A. Boretskyi, as well as the works of their followers and contemporary artists, such as Z. Mychka, V. Prykhodko, V. Habda, F. Seman, Y. Herts, V. Mykyta, Z. Sholtes, P. Balla, T. Danylych, F. Erfan, N. Ponomarenko, I. Shutiev, O. Hromovyi, I. Didyk, M. Hresko, O. Dolhosh, M. Suto, M. Peter, A. Kulin, M. Pryimych, A. Kovach, M. Romanyshyn, A. Kopryva, S. Biba, Y. Bodnar, M. Mytryk, V. Svaliavchyk, M. Puhlyk-Belen, B. Kuzma, V. Pavlyshyn, N. Sima-Pavlyshyn, T. Usyk, O. Kondratiuk, S. Sholtes, L. Haidu, I. Brovdi, M. Baloh, and A. Korzh-Radko.

The theme of unification is also reflected in the sculptures presented in the framework of the exhibition. Namely, such Transcarpathian artists as V. Olashyn, V. Sochka, I. Brovdi, and M. Belen.

As an art critic, Liudmyla Biksei noted in the annotation to the exhibition, “Transcarpathian masters of imaging and plastic arts – there are 42 of them – for the realization of their plans and ideas, draw inspiration from the classics created by icon painters of the previous time. The exciting are the following works of the Ukrainian baroque of Illia Brodlakovych-Vyshenskyi “The Archangel Michael” (1667), of brothers Mykhailo and Tadei Spalynskyi (cycle “Bliss”, 18 century). Authors of the present, in the contemporary language of imagery, proclaim the idea of unification. After all, unification is a strong spiritual connection between people. We go to light through the suffering of Christ (Viacheslav Prykhodko “Calvary”, Borys Kuzma “Crucifix”), through the education (Fedir Manailo “From The Church”), through the struggle (Vasyl Olashyn “To The Light”), through the love between us – the brothers of the Ukrainian East and West. “The Day of Unification” – interesting and informative exhibition worthy of our time and our people.”

The exposition timed to the Day of Unification will last until 20 February 2019.

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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