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A project of contemporary Transcarpathian art “Goodbye, Word!” presented in Kyiv



A project of contemporary Transcarpathian art “Goodbye, Word!” presented in Kyiv

On 4 May 2018, an exhibition of contemporary Transcarpathian art “Goodbye, Word!” was opened at the "Museum of Kyiv History". The exhibition, organized by the Brovdi Art Foundation, presents the works of 25 artists of the westernmost region of Ukraine. The project is not only to demonstrate the creativity of the new generation of Transcarpathian artists to the art community of the country but also to help in understanding the format and range of the cultural transformations taken place there.

Famous Ukrainian artists, designers, gallery owners, art critics, media representatives and numerous art admirers came to the art opening. Among the eminent guests there were the co-founders of the gallery of contemporary art Voloshyn Gallery Max and Julia Voloshyn, the founder of the Fund for Cultural Initiatives ArtHuss Kostiantyn Kozhemiaka, a collector, gallery owner and curator Yevhen Karas, the founder of “TseGlynaArt” Olesia Dvorak, an art critic Galyna Sklyarenko, Olesia Sobkovych and Olena Kashshai, a sculptor Oleh Pinchuk, the artists Olena Pryduvalova, Borys Firtsak, Anna Myronova, Petro Lebedynets, Viktor Khomenko, the co-founders of the art residency “Velykyi Pereviz” Yurii Oslamovskyi and Tamara Babak, a designer Ivan Frolov, an editor of “Fine Art” Olha Sobkovych, the founder of ArtsLooker portal Mykhailo Kyreito, the art managers, founders of the In-Art edition Halyna and Heorhii Brailovskyi, and many others. The exhibition was also attended by the young artists – participants in Student Contests In Painting “Silver Easel” organized by the Art & Cultural Foundation Brovdi Art.

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In her opening speech, the co-founder of the Brovdi Art Foundation Nataliya Brovdi noted: “Two years ago, together with my husband Robert Brovdi we founded an Art Foundation in our native Transcarpathia not only to popularize the legendary Transcarpathian school of Bokshai, Erdeli, Manailo but also to develop its new generation and the contemporary art. And today, it's an incredible event, as we present a new face of the contemporary Transcarpathian art in Kyiv.”

image-68-of-180.jpg — 240.75 kBArt critic Oksana Havrosh, Curator of the exhibition Taras Tabaka, co-founder of Brovdi Art Nataliya Brovdi

The exposition curator Taras Tabakа expressed in his speech the main idea of ​​the project: “The fact of saying goodbye to a word came from the outside is a human right to listen to himself in the polyphony of the world. To stay alone with your own emotions and get off the burden of the involuntary communication. Farewell to the stereotypes and space openness, even if its price is a total solitude or asceticism.”

According to the academic adviser of the exhibition, PhD in art history Oksana Havrosh, “‘Goodbye, Word!’ is a new look at the traditions of the Transcarpathian painting school. The courage of the authors suggests the need for changes so that the accumulated achievements evolve but not stagnate.”

image-55-of-180.jpg — 157.88 kBVlad Habda. Exhibition of contemporary Transcarpathian art

Painting, graphics, sculpture, art objects, photography, video, installations – in total more than fifty works occupy the third floor of the exhibition centre “Museum of Kyiv History” and reveal contemporary Transcarpathian art in all its variety and genres to the audience. Vivid and exceptional, rather uncommon for the traditional Transcarpathian school, contemporary art of the region demonstrates bold concepts and images, frank emotions and experience, readiness to re-think the realities and problems of the informational world.

As noted by the curator, the project united primarily those authors who to put complex, serious questions in their works and who are ready to change themselves, not to go through the established standards. Among the artists represented on the exhibition there were both well-known and new names, in particular Gabriel Buletsa, Andriy and Olesia Voznicki, Vlad Habda, Vladyslav Horbunov, Robert Dovganych, Viktor Domin, Vasyl Kadar, Pavlo Kerestey, Pavlo Kovach, Beata Korn, Viktor Melnychuk, Istvan Molnar, Ivan Nebesnyk, Volodymyr Pavlyshyn, Nata Popova, Eduard Prykhodko, Oleh Suslenko, Taras Tabak, Emma Tremba, Ruslan Tremba, Oleh Tokar, Mykhailo Khodanych, Volodymyr Cherepania, Dmytro Fesenko. Numerous of the abovementioned artists personally visited the opening day to see and feel a holistic creative project, they were working on for a long time.

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The exhibition received positive reviews among the audience as well as in the art community of the capital. In particular, the famous Ukrainian art historian and art critic Galyna Sklyarenko noted the high level of organization, content and novelty of the exposition: “It’s a long time since it has been held such a large-scale exhibition of contemporary Transcarpathian art in Kyiv. It is interesting, fresh, unexpected for the capital, it demonstrates us a Transcarpathian artist of today. Not only of today, the exhibition also reveals the prospects! In general, we’d like to study the today’s Transcarpathia, to paint it, as now a lot of very interesting processes are taken place there. I congratulate everyone on this project and I think this is just the beginning!”

image-48-of-180.jpg — 487.99 kBAndriy Voznicki. Exhibition of contemporary Transcarpathian art "Goodbye, Word!"

The exhibition will last until 22 May 2018. Thus, all admirers of the contemporary art will have the opportunity to see it at the Museum of Kyiv History (7, B. Khmelnytskoho St.).

The information partners of the exhibition are the famous art portals and publications Chernozem, ArtsLooker, In-Art, Ukraine Art News. 

Photos: Gregory Vishnevetsky
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