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“Hunting for Happiness” by Yuliia Yehorova-Rohova



“Hunting for Happiness” by Yuliia Yehorova-Rohova

“Hunting for Happiness” – this deep and at the same time eloquent title has the exposition of Yuliia Yehorova-Rohova, which was opened on 26 June 2019 in the Centre of Ukrainian Culture and Art in Kyiv. Visitors had the opportunity to see a series of works demonstrating the development of a new manifestation of art – “poliuvantyzm” (“hunting on canvas”), which was created and developed by the famous Transcarpathian ceramist and artist.

Poliuvantyzm (neologism) in art is a safe and ethical hunting on canvas. As the author herself says about this direction, she creates separate nozzles (so-called “brush-arrows”) that let out from the bow on a canvas or cardboard, before applying the paint. The artist preliminarily thinks the composition and colour of each work, taking into account the flight of the arrow, its trajectory, the colour of the soil and the texture of the canvas or cardboard.

It started all in the spring of 2019 in the Municipal Art Gallery of Kyiv: here for the first time there was a performance of the creation of a picture that visually demonstrated to the visitors the method of “poliuvantyzm”. It was then that, according to Yuliia, there was a sense of creating something truly new and deep: “During the time from this exhibition, many works were created in the style of poliuvantyzm and the method of poliuvantyzm. When I started creating this collection, I didn't know how to move forward… There was one thing in the performance, it was possible to embody the idea, project, and therefore it was necessary to find continuation, that is, impressive images, themes, to pick colours, texture, and ideas… And I'm still in a state of exploration, and it's just incredible! Together with like-minded people, we literally give birth to something new every day!”

Among the associates of Yuliia Yehorova-Rohova is designer Mariia Pyrizhok. The art historian and the artist said: when she saw what Yuliia does, “... it became clear that it was a brilliant idea that this is a big step forward and that it will go down in history.” The designer described the collaboration and her way to it as follows: “Hemp clothing, which I create, mostly monophonic, has a natural colour in the vast majority. When I myself began wearing this outfit, I realized that I was distinguished by minimalism and simplicity. But when I met Yuliia, we jointly decided to make the collection more adapted to the contemporary’s view, brighter. The result exceeded my expectations, I think our cooperation has just begun, everything is ahead!”

Poliuvantyzm was manifested in the exposition of oil paints, gouache, acrylic on canvas, boards, cloth, watercolour on paper and cardboard. In general, the artist constantly experiments, uses mixed techniques in her work and research, and, as she admits, she reveals something new to her in this direction. 

At the opening of the exhibition under the live music “Solo on the Seventh String” there was a performance that demonstrated to everyone presenting the process of creating an artist together with visitors of the mysterious work “Joint Creativity”. The editor-in-chief of the All-Ukrainian social and political magazine “Oksamyt” Tamara Markelova described the idea as follows: “The proposed performance allowed everyone to plunge into an extremely interesting process of creating a picture – a cohesiveness, exciting, which is equally hypnotic for the person who creates and for the person who watches. Everyone chose a brush-arrow with a special nozzle, painted on it as desired… This is real art therapy, the art of healing tired or, on the contrary, indifferent souls”. And after the performance, the attendees had the opportunity to inspect the designer clothes from Mariia Pyrizhok, created from hemp fabric interspersed with elements of “poliuvantyzm”.

Yuliia Yehorova-Rohova says: “Let's play “hunting”, only in “hunting” for happiness! All the beauty is that you do not need a target and this is not a goal. “Poliuvantyzm” is an art of process more than a result!”


Come to “Hunting for Happiness!” The exhibition will last until 23 July 2019.