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“I saw it” of Serhii Morhunov



“I saw it” of Serhii Morhunov

On 24 November 2018, at Uzhhorod the “Ilko Gallery”, it was opened an exhibition of Serhii Morhunov under the title “I saw it”. The project is a part of the Traveling DOCUDAYS UA festival. An epigraph to the exhibition is the words of the famous Spanish painter and engraver Francisco José de Goya: "Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels.”

Serhii Morhunov is an independent Ukrainian film director, operator, documentary photographer and public activist. He participated in international exhibitions, his works are published in international media and thematic books. From 2014, Serhii has been documenting the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war. In March 2017, he was nominated for Joop Swart World Press Photo.

In general, at the exhibition “I saw it” the author presented 26 black and white photographs. As the author himself said in the annotation to the exhibition “along the front line, there is a line of the so-called “grey zone” – a desert land where people are in a legal, humanitarian and informational vacuum because of non-availability of any authority or establishments.
At the moment, a lot of them have no houses, work and living conditions. They do not have electricity, gas, and food to exist. They rely on military service for medical care. From time to time gunfire forces them to live in the basements. This is a very unfavourable situation for all those who could not escape – because of the age, health, disabled relative or any other reason.
A lot of people survived only by helping each other. Here more than everywhere, mutual support and sympathy are the strength of human spirit.”

One can see the photo project at the gallery until mid-December.
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