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Exhibition «INTRO»



Exhibition «INTRO»

The afternoon of 17 April 2019 at the ILKO GALLERY Art Centre was very crowded. In the spacious halls of the gallery, it was opened an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art “INTRO”, in which works of more than thirty domestic authors were presented.

The format of the exhibition is unusual – it combined a concept of six self-sufficient curatorial projects in various fields of visual arts. From Latin, the word INTRO means an introductory part directed inward, so it is quite logical that the exhibition was initiated for further transformation into the format of the festival, and the exposition itself is a certain cut from the inside of contemporary Ukrainian art in many of its manifestations.

Curator of the project Taras Tabaka, opening the exhibition, noted: “This event is an approbation of the festival type programme aimed at forming the experience of curatorial practices for interaction with the author and the viewer through the function of the curator – from the generation of the concept to its implementation with analytical and intellectual design. The ability to simultaneously run several programmes at one time and place provides wider information and aesthetic comparisons and evaluations. It creates a situation of the real presence of the spectator in the dispute, in fact appealing to him as an accomplice. ”

Indeed, the exhibition impresses with a variety of artistic practices, and most curators are also represented by their works.

Interesting curatorial project “Mutations of Love” was brought by a guest from Volyn region Kateryna Haneichuk. Nina Murashkina's rich canvases, Anastasiia Podervianska's rugs-collages and the works of other authors are fascinating. The author of the project claims that mutations are characteristic of everything, including love, the various forms of which the artist captures, accepts and transmits.

Deep in conception was the photo-project of the curator Robert Dovganych “Parkinson's Law”. The works of artists Ivan Nebesnyk, Robert Petrychka, Taras Vovchyn, Oleksandra Liven and, in fact, Robert Dovganych, violate the problems of the manipulative effect of the time frame on the creative process.

A remarkable selection of works by talented artists, including Oleksandr Babak, Vlad Habda, Anna Mironova, and others, presented in their curatorial projects Taras Tabaka “Calligraphic Exercises” and Ruslan Tremba “Iconostasis of the Carpathians”.

Another discovery was the presentation of graphic design by Ivan Nebesnyk as a full-fledged art movement. The theme of the project “Girl Power” was the view of 12 artists on the role of women in the mental space, the right of women to their own self-consciousness and independence, to cultural identity and the ability to influence the outside world.

The highlight of the exhibition was the project of Nataliia Tarnai “Privat”. It caused a real sensation among the visitors of the gallery. The project, consisting of works of three authors, in which, besides the curator, Daria Yehorova and Kasha Potrohosh took part. They spoke to the viewer in augmented reality mode through modern means of communication – gadgets – about personal, intimate things, including the search for self-identity and self-perception, social adaptation, gender equality.

Undeniably, the exhibition became one of the brightest artistic events of spring.  It will last until 12 May 2019.

Text: Liudmyla Kozlovska
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
© Art & Culture Foundation Brovdi Art