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The thematic art exhibition "Boldogasszony" (Theotokos) was presented in the picture gallery of the Mukachevo Historical Museum on June 19, 2017. The exhibition that was presented by the Research Institute for National Strategy of Budapest is held under the patronage of Hungarian President János Áder and has been travelling around the Carpathian region already for three years.

Each of the 55 artists participating in the exhibition embodied the Mother of God in their own way, that's why there are paintings, sculptures and even photographs-everything is done in a wide variety of techniques and styles, including mixed ones. The Mother of God is reproduced in wood and metal, made of clay and stone, appears on the tapestry, depicted on the glass and with the help of glass, graphic means, oil and acrylic-creative imagination of the authors, among which, except the artists, there are architects and musicians, contributed to the most versatile embodiment of the holy image of a woman-mother. “The works are executed in different styles and with the help of different means-each author has his own understanding and vision of the Mother of God. But, a peculiar bridge connecting the artists is the main theme,” - an artist and art critic Attila Kopryva said.

In general, as it was said during the opening of the exhibition, there is the cult of the Virgin Mary in Hungary. According to legends, the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen, offered the crown to the Mother of God - since then Hungary has been under her protection and patronage. The people of the country treat this peculiar blessing with special trepidation and the artists, of course, try to reveal the theme in their works. That is why a philosophical and sacred subtext is felt in each presented painting or sculpture. Here are samples of traditional icon painting and a completely free, author's interpretation of the image of Our Lady, and a peculiar interweaving of the present with the biblical motifs. Obviously, the exposition is selected in such a way that each visitor can find something close to himself-traditionally religious or originally modern.

The thematic collection, created by the Hungarian artists, including those who live in Transcarpathia, has been presented for three years in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia. In Ukraine the exposition has already been exhibited in Uzhhorod, Berehove and Vynohradiv. In Mukachevo Castle Palanok the exhibition “Theotokos” will last until August 6, 2017, and among the presented authors there are: Mózes Incze, Dóra Keresztes, Attila Kopryva, Róbert Jajesnica, József Balázs, Győző Somogyi, János Molnár, Csilla Kákonyi, László Vinceffy, Mária Petrás, Judit Józsa, Ferenc Olasz, István Jelenczki, Anna Kubinyi, Tamás Kárpáti, Zsuzsa Péreli, Ritta Hager, Erzsébet Katona Szabó, János Nagy, Miklós Jakobovits, Edit Balogh, Péter Stefanovics, Lajos Páll, Maria B. Raunio, Boldi, Attila Koсzor, János Aknay, József Tóth-Kovács, Gábor Méry, Ferenc Erfán, Erzsébet Mezei, Ákos Szabó, Zoltan Janvary, Mihály Vargha, László Magyar, István Nemes, István Orosz, Gábor Rádóczy Gyarmathy, Tamás Cseh, Marcell Jankovics, Dávid Raffay, Miklós Melocco, Máté Dobesch, Sándor Filep, László Sipos, Líviusz Gyulai, Imre Makovecz, Endre Kusztos, György Szemadám, Pál Kő, László Haris, Zoltán Móser, László Kunkovács, Dénes Kuti, Péter Párkányi Raab.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk