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Series of minimalism paintings by Anton Saienko



Series of minimalism paintings by Anton Saienko

On September 22, 2017 in Uzhhorod hotel "Intourist-Transcarpathia" it was held a solo exhibition of the young artist Anton Saienko from Sumy. The exposition was held within the framework of the art residency of Petro Riaska "Sorry, no rooms".

Actually, at the very hotel and in Bukivtsovo village (Velykyo Bereznyi district, Transcarpathia), within three weeks Anton Saienko was painting a series of landscapes under the title "Area, Limited By The Field of View". The final stage was the exhibition of the artist’s paintings.

Landscapes of A. Saienko are performed in minimalism style, using oil. Theme – thoughts in space. "My works are not so much minimalist, but they are free from details, narrativity," the artist explained. –There is a total monochrome, and monotonous sound in these paintings. One can say that there is nothing superfluous in them.  This is a part of the space, which I see, but I make it stylized. "

According to the author, visitors may not see the landscape in the works, but some object or abstraction. However, the base of the paintings is the very landscape. "It is important for me to create a space where thoughts can be created. I do not create them as a figure, object, but I try to free the landscape space for some thoughts, one’s vision," – he said.

The exhibition "Area, Limited By The Field of View" was highly appreciated by the visitors and artists. The founder of the art residency Petro Riaska also spoke positively about the works of the artist from Sumy. "The exhibition is very nice" he said. – The theme of the landscape is urgent, it suits him. The author continues this traditional genre and it is pleasing. "

P. Riaska added that his residency did not give much time to work. Therefore, it is very flattering that just within three weeks A. Saienko managed to create more than 10 paintings. "The series of works is light, not exhausted, fresh", – noted P. Riaska.

The artist A. Saienko now studies at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, before that he graduated from the Sumy art school. This is not the first personal exhibition of the artist, he previously exhibited his works in his native city, in Kyiv. He is engaged not only in painting, but also in "land-art" (art in space).


Text: Denys Fazekash

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk