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A joint exhibition of the artisits from Uzhhorod and Sloviansk



A joint exhibition of the artisits from Uzhhorod and Sloviansk

On September 20, 2017 in the Transcarpathian Regional Scientific Library it was held an exhibition of five artists from the different regions of Ukraine. The exposition was carried out within the framework of the project under the title "Border". In total, the exhibition presents about 15 different genre projects.

The project itself envisaged the creation of works in which the authors searched for the points of contact between the East and the West, namely between Uzhhorod and Sloviansk. The main goal of the project was an attempt to answer the question: "What is the border?", as well as the studies of the lack of dialogue between people from different parts of Ukraine and between generations in general.

 "We often go to Sloviansk. And, it was on one of these trips that we decided to create this project, – said the curator of the exhibition, the head of the Public Organization "City-Garden" Yevheniia Kuleba. – We wanted to understand how the inhabitants of the West perceive the inhabitants of the East. "

The organizers invited artists from all over Ukraine. Some went to Uzhhorod, others to Sloviansk. "Artists had to explore the city, to plunge into the context of social, artistic and economic life. All this must turn into a physical form – the work of art itself ", – noted Y. Kuleba.

In Uzhhorod at the exhibition in the library it was presented works by artists, who worked in this city. Each picture is a unique work of art. Thus, visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with original collages, staged photos with a combination of local ceramics and oil, the Kyiv-Kharkiv group of artists called "ТxТ" (Valerii Tarasenko, Stanislav Tolkachov and Oleksandr Khalepa).

Another artist, Daryna Podoltseva from Kyiv, has prepared a series of postcards from Uzhhorod and Sloviansk. The peculiarity of the selection is that it is unclear to the end – where the city is. And, this serves as a unifying factor.

Photographic works of Ukraine-Spanish artist Oleksandr McQuarz were also presented at the exhibition. This is a series of pictures from the Transcarpathian Selmentsi village, divided in the post war period in half by the Ukrainian-Slovak border on the abstract theme of "border": physical and moral.

Modern artists Albina Yaloza and the duet "Krolikowski Art" demonstrated their works as well. Within the framework of the project there was also a presentation of the results of the video contest "The Battle of Gardeners" from Alevtyna Kakhidze. "There is no politics and religion in the garden," she said. – At least that's how it is considered. In fact, the vegetable gardens and orchards – a place where every gardener implements the policy on a daily basis. People in the East and the West spoke about the border of their garden and about the idea of the boundaries of the garden. "

Uzhhorod artist Danylo Kovach presented his work as well. He did a video work in the style of "land art" (art in space).  "I made a symbolic video that reflects the border from different sides," – the author said. – For each individuality, it is different. It is difficult to detect and everyone perceives it in their own way. In this video there is a field of sunflowers. And, I planted several artificial ones there. Visually they are identical, but by nature – different and opposite. This is the essence. This is a metaphor for a modern society, in which both artificiality and authenticity can exist simultaneously." On September 23, some works on this exhibition will be presented in the library in Sloviansk.

The project was implemented by the public organization "City-Garden" with the support of the Programme Initiative "Public Initiatives of New Ukraine" of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Text: Denys Fazekash
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk