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Спілки професійних художників Закарпаття до Дня музеїв представила в Ужгороді свою творчість



Спілки професійних художників Закарпаття до Дня музеїв представила в Ужгороді свою творчість

On the occasion of the International Day of Museums, which is traditionally celebrated in Ukraine on 18 May, in the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum named after Yosyp Bokshai, it was opened an exhibition of works by the Union of Professional Artists of Transcarpathia.

The powerful exposition is held within the framework of the project “Culture of the Centre of Europe – National Minorities of Transcarpathia” and contains almost 70 paintings, as well as about a dozen sculptures of M. Belen and V. Fedurtsia. 

“In the creative collective of the Union of Professional Artists of Transcarpathia, the spirit of art prevails. For 30 years, the standard of the Union has collected outstanding individuals. At one time, back in 1989, artists were rallied by Ivan Manailo (1942-2010). This difficult work was continued by the People's Artist of Ukraine Stepan Sholtes, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Vasyl Brenzovych, Emma Levadska and Heorhii Levadskyi (1938-2009). The reporting exhibition developed in the museum’s halls will demonstrate the level of artistic achievements and ideas, their implementation in painting, carving, etc.”, – the art critic Liudmyla Biksei noted in the annotations to the exhibition. According to her, the works of the members of the union are distinguished by themes, but they are united by a sincere love for their native land in the centre of Europe – the wonderful Silver Land.

Undoubtedly, the exposition is decorated with the works of the keeper of unique Transcarpathian traditions of root plastics and woodcarving Valerii Fedurtsia.  His works amaze not only with ideas and mastery of performance but also with relevance and novelty (“Woodman”, “Information Blockade”, “Monti Csardas”). “Moreover, I will tell you that now even in the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Arts, which is in the Kyiv Lavra, there is no such level of root plastics, which V. Fedurtsia introduced! This is a very professional root plastics, an artist is looking for very interesting images, and he succeeds in it, I highly recommend everyone to see it,” M. Belen said.

Watercolour works that demonstrate the beauty and uniqueness of the Transcarpathian region were presented at the exhibition as well.

Presented the works by the following artist: M. Belen, L. Borshosh-Litun, V. Brenzovych, V. Hleba, V. Dub, F. Erfan, V. Petretskyi, V. Popovych, V. Sirko, V. Slobodskyi, R. Tovt, V. Fedurtsia, O. Fediaiev, S. Chyrskyi, V. Shyndra, S. Sholtes, V. Shtets, S. Hlushchuk, A. Brenzovych, I. Ivanovchyk, I. Bondarenko, V. Hanzel, and P. Haiovych.  

One of the works – “Horse Skidding” – was made in cooperation of foresters and artists of the region. The canvas fully conveys the hard work of foresters. An important element in the writing of the painting was the correct technical conditions of the horse skidding. For this, the foresters were responsible, who in the process of work, gave advice to artists, so that eventually the visitors could not only enjoy the work of the brush but also see how difficult this work of the foresters was.

The exhibition will last until 25 May 2019.

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk

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