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Olha Ladyzhets’ works at the gallery “ART-PRO”



Olha Ladyzhets’ works at the gallery “ART-PRO”

On 20 July 2018, at the art gallery "ART-PRO", it was presented an exhibition of works by a young artist from Uzhhorod Olha Ladyzhets. The exhibition consists of about two dozen works and presents a bright worldview and great talent of the artist.

Olha Ladyzhets studied at Uzhhorod Art College named after A. Erdeli and at the Lviv Academy of Arts, Department of Ceramics. Upon graduation, she was engaged in creative activity, not only in ceramics but also in painting and graphics. She also proved herself as a talented book illustrator. Since 2006, he has been the head of the ceramics club at the Transcarpathian Regional Centre of Scientific and Technical Youth Creativity.

It is the work with children that the artist calls an inexhaustible source of unique ideas. "I really like watching the children, because they are so direct and sincere that one should only watch and repeat after them. That's why, I often depict children's laughings, as I call it myself," says the artist.

This is Olha Ladyzhets's first personal exhibition, although she has participated in the collective ones a lot. The presented works are performed mainly during the last year. "I work with ceramics, in mixed techniques, I like to experiment," says the artist. “I try, for example, to combine ceramics with glass, including on canvas, I paint on canvas with cold glaze, I really liked it. And now I sincerely hope that viewers will like my creativity. "

One will surely like the works – each one is full of positivity, sincerity, incredible love. A moment that one managed to capture like a firebird by the tail, the artist allows going through her vision of the world, her sense of beauty – and pours it onto the canvas or in ceramics, glass, in everything in sight. That is why every work lives its own life, as well as animals or fish created by Olha have their own character and emotions (“A Fish Man”, “Love Is Blind”, “A Ballerina”). It is felt that the master is in love with her work – every element is carved or painted with extraordinary care and thoughtfulness. There is nothing superfluous – there is only a feeling that such ingenuous little girls, beautiful wizards, fragile angels, cats and fish should be in the interior of the house where a happy family lives.

During the opening of the exhibition, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Belen noted: "When I first saw Olha's portfolio, I was shocked by rich woman's soul, the philosophical depth she looks at the universe, beauty of the earth, starry horizon … Things this gifted woman does is a truly European approach. And most importantly: the value of an artwork does not depend on its size, but on the true philosophical soul of the artist herself."

The exhibition will continue at the ART-PRO gallery until 9 August 2018.

Text: Nataliia Petervari
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk