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Christmas exhibition in the gallery "Uzhhorod"



Christmas exhibition in the gallery "Uzhhorod"

On 22 December 2017, in the gallery "Uzhhorod", it was opened a traditional Christmas painting exhibition of the Transcarpathian artists’.

The authors from around the region presented their works demonstrating a variety of styles, techniques, textures, and colours. Here one could find ceramics, carvings, vytynanky, oil paintings, mixed and author’s techniques.

At the exhibition opening, the head of the Transcarpathian organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Borys Kuzma noticed: "Every year we meet here at exactly the same time. With this exposition, we close our creative exhibition year. This event is a kind of the unifying start: we meet to communicate, to wish each other happy holidays. But the main thing is that art continues to live, and people try to find themselves, create. This is a good opportunity to show everyone what the National Union of Artists lives with. Today, it is winter on these walls and the paintings convey positive and the good."

The curator of the exhibition Vasyl Vovchok congratulated all those present on the upcoming New Year holidays and Christmas Day: "These works are just a small part of what our artists create. The exhibition is multifaceted, interesting and diverse. It is definitely depicts the things, which should be mentioned before the Christmas holidays."

The works of the following authors are presented at the exhibition: V. Vinkovskyi, M. Rosul, I. Demian, Y. Yehorova-Rohova, O. Dolhosh, O. Hromovyi, M. Peter, I. Lutsenko, I. Zhupan, M. Shete, M. Kinch, M. Dufynets, V. Pavlyshyn, B. Kuzma, Y. Bodnar, A. Kopryva, Y. Shelevytskyi, S. Biba, M. Hresko, A. Kovach, V. Kuzma, O. Lypchei, V. Svaliavchyk, T. Ivanytska, Y. Miravchyk-Rakovych, I. Didyk, V. Habda, T. Usyk, L. Pryimych, A. Moshkola, P. Riaska, V. Kinch, N. Didyk, Y. Bodnar, V. Vovchok, Y. Dulenko, O. Kondratiuk, V. Bobita, G. Buletsa, Y. Babynets, and V. Filesh.

Text: Alyona Onda
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk