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Retrospective exhibition of Gyuri Dykun



Retrospective exhibition of Gyuri Dykun

On 21 February 2019, the Forrás Galéria Gallery of Contemporary Art in Budapest (Hungary) opened its doors for the personal retrospective exhibition of the Transcarpathian artist Gyuri Dykun.

The artistic event is held within the framework of the “Carpathian Home Gallery” programme, launched in 2013, which annually represents a series of 12 exhibitions of famous contemporary Hungarian artists from the Carpathian region. The curator of exhibitions is Norbert Tot.

The exhibition presents about three dozen works, covering different periods of the artist, from a remote in time in 1992 and to the present.

Part of the artist's paintings is the collection “Little Stories on Glass”. The works, written by the author during their stay in France and Spain, including “Moulin Rouge”, “The Blind Musician. Metro. Paris”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “The Old Man and the Sea”. The works of the artist are full of reverent, sincere admiration of the world in all its manifestations. He subtly captures the smallest details, in fact, are important and can significantly affect the course of life stories depicted by him or push the viewer to think. His mystery painting “The Game” metaphorically reproduces life as a solid game where those who lead a dishonest game often win.       

Art historian Mykhailo Syrohman speaks about the works of the artist: “Theatre of Dykun… Theatre is a game, the magic of an invented world, comes from what is seen and experienced, fantasy, fiction that becomes reality, and reality dissolves, turns out to be on the other side of the glass, from where it looks at us as if sniffed by a lamp with scenes of the hermetic world, the world in itself, the world of the elect or invited to colourful event… In the glass world – dancing ladies and gentlemen, biblical Jews and card cheats, harlequins, and clowns. The artist plays with light and darkness, lines and spots, his characters are deformed, decrease and increase, wear masks, reincarnate - old age is turned into youth, men for women - all for the sake of the game, for the theatre – Show must go on. But this performance is decorative and fabulous, sometimes immersed in mystery, sometimes approximated to an anecdote, charming with its irreality, remoteness in time and space, as the resurrected melody of an antique gramophone, as a glance at the kaleidoscope, in which the glass appears to be amazing gemstones. The hero in a mask becomes different, and the world becomes different, and we are reflected in the glass, as in a mirror.”

Included in the exposition of the exhibition are recent works by the artist – watercolours inspired by childhood memories. Being small, the future artist liked to listen to radio novellas, which through years were transformed into a series of works “Artist in the Countryside”. Unpretentious, devoid of imaginary showiness and luxury scenes actually profess deep-seated, fundamental values that are the basic foundations of the culture of the people: it is love and deep respect for your land, for your generation. It is also self-identity as a continuity of life meanings, reflected in the ability to support and continue the history of its people.

The exhibition is organized for the full support of the Society of Hungarian Artists of Transcarpathia named after Imre Revesz.

The exposition will last until 20 March 2019.

Text: Liudmyla Kozlovska
Photo: provided by the author
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