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On 14 March 2018, in the exhibition space of the art salon "Art Pro", it was opened an exhibition of works by the young Uzhhorod artist Liubov Pavlyshyn.

The exposition is titled "Flowers-Graces". As the artist says, she always loved to look for associations in works, but now the idea has matured just like this and turned in a flower garden of beautiful Graces. "The visible beauty of each flower carries a certain meaning, it encodes the essence of a woman. After all, colour, shape, lines – all this is information about the inner world, character, temperament ", says Liubov.

She has liked painting since her childhood. It could not be otherwise because she grew up in the creative atmosphere – the artists' parents were also well-known artists in the region, and they influenced her worldview and formation of aesthetic tastes.

Now Liubov Pavlyshyn prefers pastel technique, but she admits that it is interesting to experiment, to try something new. "Flowers-Graces" is a collection of 15 image-associations, also made with pastels.

"I started creating flower-images in summer 2017 – I felt that it was time to implement my plan. The idea of my art project is to convey the inner world, beauty and character of a woman in the form of a flower. Thus, all the images are associative. I want everybody to feel and see the masterpiece of nature in a woman –  a flower, a symbol of perfection and harmony, in which the essence of a woman is encoded. The world of art is multifaceted, endless, but today it is rich enough. It is valuable for me to create something new, open up a different view on the beauty of the world", the author explains.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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