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June 2, 2017 was opened an exhibition of painting by the famous Ukrainian sculptor and painter Mykola Malyshko in the art centre "Ilko" in Uzhhorod.

The artist's unbending spirit was tempered during the times of the USSR, when he belonged to the circles of an unofficial misstate. The basis of his artistic thinking - a deep sense of national and consistent confession modern. Major of his most interesting sculptures united by material - wood, his paintings united by the name - Painting. Both the first and second form artistic image of Ukraine in the world. Uzhhorod exhibition has a very common name - "Colour".

Representation of the author and works was performed by art critic Valerii Sukharuk. By the way, Oleksandr Babak joined in - his artistic residency "Velykyi Pereviz" hosted Mykola Malyshko. The artist offered viewers his own colour research. He admits that he came to colour not only from contemplating the world and works of art, but also through reading scientific theoretical works. In any case, first you need to admire the colour, enter it and let it in yourself, and then develop, cultivate it and observe how it lives, how it behaves, changes the solidity of day and night, in the fast-moving phases of the morning and evening, as gracefully reacts to the smallest modification of lighting, such as flies quietly in a large desert area and is mixed with the crowds.

When colour captures the soul of the artist, there is an irresistible desire to manifest its colour saturation, to display colour planes, to combine their combination, to reconcile compatibility in space, to create an exposition dialogue. The artist began studies in small formats, placed side by side on two walls, they form a circle, which can be captured and perceived at a glance. Other compositions work throughout the hall space. The artist called on viewers to talk with the colour of the text, the navigation on the tablet and filled with play of words and meanings.

Mykola Malyshko quoted the famous Paul Klee: "Colour is the area where our mind touches the Universe." His other saying: "The colour possesses me ... This is the meaning of this happy time: colour and I are a single whole.”I am an artist.”


Text: Mykhailo Syrokhman

Photo: Robert Dovhanych