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Exhibition “Mnemosyne” of Artur Tyvodar



Exhibition “Mnemosyne” of Artur Tyvodar

On 15 May 2019, in the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, it was opened an exhibition of Transcarpathian artist Artur Tyvodar.  An annotation to the exhibition accurately conveys the concept and idea of this event: “Memory is a significant part of the present that inspires the future. This is the bridge between I and you, prayer, gift, love, and forgiveness. The recipients of the works presented at the exhibition are specific people: poets, thinkers, friends, and relatives. Every moment of life remains forever in the rays of light.”

This time, Artur Tyvodar prepared about twenty works, executed in different genres and styles. The basis of the exposition consists of works from the projects “Stella” (the project, timed to the memory of the artist's mother, was presented in 2016 in the “Art Shyk” gallery in Vinnytsia), “A Few Drops Of Dew” (dedication of St. Teresa from Lisieux, 2017, artistic centre of Vinnytsia National Technical University, Vinnytsia) and “Conversation” (2018, Gallery “Blue Living Room”, St. Petersburg, Russia), “Mnemosyne” (the memory of a friend of the artist, prominent Ukrainian scientist Professor Volodymyr Kozhemiaka, 2018, artistic centre of Vinnytsia National Technical University, Vinnytsia).

As the director of the museum Vasyl Kotsan told at the opening of the exhibition, Artur Tyvodar was born in December 1963 in Teresva village. He lives and works in Uzhhorod. As an artist, he was formed in the creative studio of the national artist of Ukraine Ivan Shutiev. “Artur Tyvodar – a multifaceted artist working with a wide range of materials and in different directions: painting, icon painting, and leather works using gemstones. All this is about the artist's diversity.” Vasyl Kotsan also added that the artist has spent more than 30 personal exhibitions in various cities of Ukraine and abroad.

Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine Gabriela Andial, who knows the artist’s creativity well, noted that each meeting with the author is very interesting. “The deep layer that the artist is working on speaks of his extremely rich world and diversified development,” the art historian noted. – The artist seems to have a dialogue through ages, represents a profound knowledge of the culture of past epochs, while at the same time he feels the chords of the human soul thoroughly, which is why every spectator who approaches his work will always be able to find something interesting to himself. The author's aesthetic programme is transmitted through his identity. He is a bright representative of contemporary Ukrainian art and in particular our Transcarpathian school of painting in a new format.”

Oksana Kolisnychenko, art critic, art director of the “Art Shyk” gallery from Vinnytsia, described the works of A. Tyvodar as follows: “For leather paintings, there is a mysterious, unique aesthetics, which surprisingly combines the realistic and the unearthly. Each line in the picture, consonant with the colours and textures with their simultaneous opposition is not accidental: they complement each other for the exact creation of the image, the integrity of its perception. The artist's sacred art reflects something highly spiritual and mystical, embodies fragments of a complex and unpredictable life. It allows looking inside, helps to explore the depth of the soul, and reveals the deep philosophy of being. In the paintings of Artur Tyvodar, the lightness of nature, the barely perceptible fragility and, perhaps, even a slight unreality of action are felt. The dominant presence of white in the paintings creates a feeling of inner purity and harmony, associated with summer dreams.”

Artur Tyvodar himself thinks that the presented works – only a small contribution, dedication to those individuals who had an influence on his formation. “The recipients of works presented at the exhibition – are specific people: poets, thinkers, friends and family, my mother and grandmother. These are the people who have done for me much more than I can now give them! People who transform eternal truths and pass them on to each other as a baton and who to a certain extent form lighthouses in my life’s journey,” A. Tyvodar noted. 

The exhibition “Mnemosyne” will last in the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life until 2 June 2019.

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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