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An extraordinary Art Trophy supported by Brovdi Art



An extraordinary Art Trophy supported by Brovdi Art

In early August 2018, almost a dozen artists came from Transcarpathia and Central Ukraine to one of the most picturesque corners of Transcarpathia. Within the residency of the well-known Transcarpathian artist, curator Taras Tabaka, they communicated, enjoyed the incredible landscapes of the Carpathians, and, of course, created.


The art residency took place with the support of the Art & Culture Foundation Brovdi Art as well as with the assistance of the owners of the ski resort “Krasiia-Vyshka”. The artists who combine a variety of schools, styles and techniques in their works, and most importantly – united by the only common desire to create were working in one cultural and natural space. The organizational assistance of the art residency was also provided by the art critic Oksana Havrosh.

Mount Krasiia, which is in the Velykyi Bereznyi district of Transcarpathia, is known foremost by the magnificent natural landscapes and ski slopes, distinguished by the greatest elevations in Ukraine. It was here, in one of the most exotic geographical areas of the country, where the art residency of Taras Tabaka settled this summer. The result exceeded expectations: the original ART-TROPHY became an interesting and extraordinary experience for all the present artists. Going to inaccessible places, opportunity to be alone with the nature of the wild Carpathians, the sincerity of mutual communication by the evening bonfires under the August stars were reflected both in the works and in the beautiful, almost family atmosphere. In total, 14 artists from Central Ukraine and Transcarpathia took part in the residency, regardless of their age or status.

“My great desire to open our land and to enable artists from other regions to understand it. And for the Transcarpathian authors – to show it from another, existential side in the aspect of natural simplicity and pragmatism in the background of the idealistic idea of our space. It’s a kind of unconventional trophy plein air: it's not easy to get into this beauty, but it is here that you can turn the concept of love for life, for your neighbour, for nature, to feel your unity with the nature,” Taras Tabaka described the area of the residency in such a way.

The organizers of the residency did not set any themes or criteria: “Artists can choose any theme, there is no interference on our part. The main task is to enjoy the time and communication, which will definitely produce great result both now and in the future. We wanted to create an atmosphere that would level out any barriers between the creative personalities so that the artists would experience a real drive – a drive inherent only in the Carpathians. Only here, in the valleys of the Silver Land, one can see so bright stars, cross these deep and turbulent streams, looking at which pumps adrenaline. This is a healthy seed that our Carpathians can give and we would like to share it with everybody.”

Oksana Havrosh said: “The experience of communication – the most valuable at any meetings.  Staying at a height of almost 1000 meters, despite the fact that we have known each other for a long time, stimulated everyone to show their naturalness, the most amazing skills-habits and, undoubtedly, professionalism. It was extremely interesting to watch the youngest ones –  Vasyl Kadar, Albina Tabaka, Oleksii Dynnyk, Yevhen Tsap. The most valuable thing is that for potential followers of the Transcarpathian professional school the daytime painting exercises and evening discussions have become not just a good decade on Mount Krasiia but also an incredible opportunity to observe and work side by side with the artists we all know well. I'm glad that for Anna Myronova from Kyiv, for example, staying in Transcarpathia became a whole ethnographic expedition.  Her careful study of the culture of the region attracted by her sincerity and perseverance. According to Anna, the residency encouraged her to new projects, and this is the most important."

The organizers are convinced that the residency will become a significant impetus for the creation of numerous excellent individual projects and co-operation between artists who had the opportunity to work in Velykyi Bereznyi region. It stimulates the formation of new author concepts that will promote the newest face of authentic Ukrainian culture in the context of our time.

Text: Oksana Havrosh, Nataliia Petervari
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
Some photos were provided by the organizers of the residency