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Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art named after Korsak



Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art named after Korsak

“We will make our Museum not just a collection of exhibits, but a living organism with a continuous flow of cultural and educational events,” – this is the point among ten other equally important ones, laid down in the Manifesto at the entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art named after Korsak, which was opened in Lutsk on Independence Day.

The museum was founded on the basis of the Gallery of Contemporary Art created in 2014 “Art Department”, where the first works of Mykola Kumanovskyi were presented in the exposition, as well as works of Lutsk artists from the collection of the Korsak family. The museum was called with their name for a reason: the founders of Lesia and Viktor Korsak believe that when you say something with your name, you are responsible for it. The founders note that their desire is to revive family patronage, which has always been developed in Ukraine to preserve and multiply the spiritual heritage of the nation. Thus, the founders plan to organize festivals of performance and video art, guest lectures and concerts of contemporary music, theatre performances and a demonstration of art films.

The museum has a total area of about 5000 square meters located in Cultural and entertainment centre “Adrenaline City”. Among the ten structures of the museum complex, a permanent exhibition has just been opened, which in fact is the core of the centre, a replacement exposition and the art and memorial museum of Mykola Kumanovskyi. The permanent exposition is located in 12 halls, each of which represents artistic works of a certain time interval, period and direction in separate local areas, such as: hall No 1 - Lviv Modernism 1930-1960s, hall No 2 - Hermetic circles of Lviv, Lutsk and Uzhhorod of the 1970's, hall No 8 - Odessa nonconformism of the 1970-1990s, and so on to Actual Art in the hall No 12. To date, not all artists are represented in the museum complex, therefore the Korsak family promises to continue to increase the number of works of art and surnames in the collection in order to present as much as possible the whole range of contemporary Ukrainian art. But now we can get acquainted with the works of such artists as Oleksandr Aksinin, Andrii Aleksandrovych-Dochevskyi, Serhii Aliiev-Kovyka, Petro Antyp, Oleksandr Arkhypenko, Valerii Basanets, Volodymyr Bakhtov, Petro Bevza, Mykola Biriuchynskyi, Oleh Voloshynov, Oleh Voronko, HENYK, Kateryna Haneichuk, Anna Hidora, Petro Honchar, Andrii and Petro Humeniuk, Vlodko Kaufman, Serhii Kyrychenko, Anatoly Kryvolap, Olena Kulchytska, Nataliia and Mykola Kumanovskyi, Petro Lebedynets, Leopold Levytskyi, Petro Malyshko, Liubomyr Medvid, Roman Minin, Yaroslava and Yaroslav Motyka, Vadym Petrov, Bohdan Pikulytsyi,  Serhii Radkevych, Ihor Romanko, Roman Selskyi, Anatolii Tverdyi, Oleksa Furdiak, Hanna Shumska, Ihor Shumskyi and many others.

Transcarpathia (as well as those who made a significant contribution to the development of the Transcarpathian school of painting) is presented at the permanent exhibition by the following artists and their works: Pavlo Bedzir, graphics from the series “The Life Of The Trees”; Tiberiy Szilvashi, Painting “Painting” 2010; Nazar Hulyn, painting, series of works “Motifs Of Cave Paintings”, 1993, as well as a sculpture from the wood “Artist”; Pavlo Kerestei, painting “Composition”, 1988; Petro Hulyn, painting "Muse in sad anticipation" 1993, "A Kiss" 1998, "Running With The Cross", 1992 and “Migration” 1983; Nadiia Kyrylova, painting “Whirlwind”, 1990s; Ruslan Tremba, painting, two canvases “Dreams Of Workers” from the series “Dreams Of Workers”, 2015, three wall sculptures “Trophies”, 2011; Robert Saller, painting “Midnight Yellow”, “Yellow Horses”, “Yellow Room”, “Yellow Flag”, all performed in 2015, as well as the “Gypsy Star”, 2011; Viktor Melnychuk, painting, diptych “Poodle” from the series “Momemt” and “Untitled”, 2011; Beata Korn, sculptural installation from the series “Man-Caterpillar”, 2018; Karel Yakuber, painting; Petro Riaska, painting, two paintings “Happy Kings” from the project “Castles”, 2011.

In addition to the founders themselves, an adviser, consultant and at the same time an expert Petro Hulyn has formed many works of the museum's collection, and the formation of a permanent exposition was occupied by the artist Petro Bevza.  Director of the Lutsk Art Museum Zoia Navrotska is involved in supporting all Korsak family art projects, as well as writing art texts for them. To the opening of the museum in a short time it was printed catalogue of works on the design of HENYK.

The artist and now the museum director Kateryna Haneichuk during the opening of the museum said: “We finally appeared on the cultural and art, as well as tourist maps of the world. Stay with us, support us, and we will try hard”.

It should also be noted that on the day of the grand opening of the museum – on 24 August 2018 – in the halls of variable exposure, it was presented the exhibition “Image and Time” of the artist Andrii Mentukha.

The Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art of Korsakov will work daily from 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On Wednesday, the exhibition can be viewed free of charge, and on Fridays from 6:00 p.m. there is a free admission for young people. The museum is located at the address: 1 Karbysheva str., Lutsk (Cultural and entertainment centre “Adrenaline City”).

Text on the materials of the announcement of Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art named after Korsak: Oleksandr Nikitchuk

Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk
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