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Single resource for the Transcarpathian artists



Single resource for the Transcarpathian artists

Thousands of newspapers, magazines and books, months of hard work of our entire team. And now we are pleased to present to you, dear readers, the result. As a part of the fruitful co-operation of Art & Culture Foundation Brovdi Art with the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Library named after F. Potushniak, it was managed to digitize all the available information about Transcarpathian art. Now all the information is freely available on our website

The importance of storing information on electronic devices is understood in the library as well, and therefore they favoured the idea and provided a full access to all the materials from the 1960s to 2017. Thus, it was possible to find and scan about 2400 publications in newspapers and magazines about more than 500 artists. Among them, there are also about 300 interviews with artists and sculptors. We also digitized about 200 catalogues, albums and brochures. In total, it is about 13 000 scanned pages. We compiled bibliographic records for each publication, which would greatly facilitate the work of the researchers.

So, learn about the Transcarpathian art in every spare moment with your smartphone, tablet or computer on

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