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This week central streets of the regional centre of Transcarpathia were adorned by the works of the famous artist from Kharkiv Hamlet Zinkovskyi.

Street art of the artist is distinguished by the graphic style and peculiar author's texts. Hamlet is a regular participant in all-Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions, a prize-winner of PinchukArtCentre, besides, it was he who represented Ukraine at the 53rd Venice Biennale.

Graffiti of Zinkovskyi appeared in the Passage, at Poshtova Square and most of all – on the wall of the Theatre Square store opposite the Puppet Theatre. The artist came to Transcarpathia for the first time by the invitation of the cultural forum "Slobadakult". And in the framework of this powerful art event, he decided to create graffiti in the streets and squares of the city.

The subject of the work is arbitrary. The author suggests the Uzhhorod residents come up with it themselves. Basically, this is a picture – message to the audience. "This is a definite call for passers-by," the artist said. “In particular, I want to encourage the Uzhhorod residents to think, to read. Or do not invent anything, but just come and see. Or do not pay attention at all. Everything depends on a person."

Such an idea is not new for Hamlet. He traditionally paints graffiti with a certain appeal, because it can change someone's life. "Generally I like to work and I love to address to passers-by. It happens that someone will see a work and text to it – when he pays attention to them it is they that he will be needed at that moment. And somebody will ask a new question and decide to act. I never know who exactly will find something and whether he will find a right answer."

Hamlet Zinkovskyi admitted that it was very difficult for him to pick up a location for his works in Uzhhorod: "I like to paint on dirty, "spoiled" by ads or by various inscriptions walls. In Kharkiv, however, there is a bunch of dirty places where you can do whatever you want. As well in Odesa. And here are no such places. Once in the evening I was walking around the city with a bottle of clearcole for two hours and found nothing."

According to the artist, his work should provoke a positive reaction from the Transcarpathian art lovers. "In Kharkiv, my works are understood, I think here the situation will be the same," Hamlet says. “Uzhhorod is not a provincial town at all. Perhaps it’s better in this regard than Kyiv. Surely, not everyone understands my art. But there are thousands of people who like it. And for their sake, I will continue to work."

According to Zinkovskyi, the work on the Theatre square is not going to be permanent. "I found this wall and made an arrangement with the owners of the building," Hamlet said. “I know that this shop is under renovation. And when it is over, in a few months, my work will be drawn.” Thus, obviously, one should hurry up to admire the work until it is there.

All works were performed with a special facade acrylic.

Incidentally, this artist is also known for his graphic arts. His works can be seen on the first floor of the ILKO gallery, where the exhibition "Slobodalkult" is held. Exposition in Uzhhorod will last until 29 May.

Text: Denys Fazekash
Photo: Nataliia Pavlyk and from Facebook/
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