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Within the art project “I-1 product” of Stehura-Kharabaruk it was developed and formed a separate project “Synii” of Uzhhorod artist Andrii Stehura.

The presentation of the second book of art self-publishing recently took place at the informal gallery “Corridor”. The collection is made of sheets of paper on which each member of the project left his painting image or text. Art book was published in 10 copies, all books are handmade with images being only blue. That means that each artist for this project did ten copies of their own work, using the technique of stencil, linocut, monotype, etc.

The participants of “Synii” and “Synii II” are well-known artists: Andrii Stehura, Mykhailo Khodanych, Petro Riaska, Pavlo Kerestei, Marsel Onisko, Ruslan Tremba, Viktor Lavnyi, Vadym Kharabaruk, Robert Saller, Oleksa Mann from Uzhhorod, Stas Turina from Mukachevo, Mariia Kryzhanivska, Nikita Kravtsov, Taras Kovach from Kyiv, Viktor Pokydanets and Rustam Mirzoiev from Mykolaiv, Aylin Drecher from Berlin.

Now, it is already prepared the third collection of “Synii”, the fourth will be called “Synii visiting red ones”.

Photo: Robert Dovhanych