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Self-Portraits of Transcarpathian Painters



Self-Portraits of Transcarpathian Painters

Our page acquaints you with artists, with exhibitions and art events of the region every day. But, few of the viewers, attending the exhibition, think about what kind of person is the artist who creates all these art works?

Old or young, grey-haired or with a beard, or maybe it's a gentle young lady with blond hair or a respectable lady with steely eyes?

A lot of people believe that it is best to understand and realize the inner self of the artist by his self-portrait. Surely, who can tell about himself better, than the artist himself?

Self-portrait in the modern sense – a thing often not just pictorial, but deeply philosophical. Some artists put in their images a certain symbolism, others make exact copying, however, a self-portrait usually gives a lot of information to think over for art critics and viewers. After all, self-portraits are often the only image which can give the idea of numerous famous artists.