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Oleksandr Voitovych was born in 1971 in Lviv. He studied at the Lviv College of Applied Arts named after I. Trush and Lviv Academy of Arts (he presented his diploma work to I. Bodnar). His wife is –  an artist Ivanka Voitovych, the daughter of the well-known Transcarpathian artistic couple Nadiia and Ivan Didyk.

He works in figurative painting. He is known for the original interpretation of the female image. Portrait and nudity – the main theme of his work. "I am very conservative in art means," says the artist. I try to get closer to the classical, high art. But the topic can be contemporary. A woman attracts me as an aesthetic category. Through the female body, I go to an image, psychology, and finally – to generalization and even expression of the civilization." The style of creating a drawing, colour, expressive manner of the brush stroke contributes to the perfect transfer of the emotional state of a person.

A lot of works by the artist are on religious themes. In particular, Oleksandr painted Archangel Michael on the iconostasis of the Uzhhorod Cathedral.

He began his active art career in 1994 when he took part in the exhibition of young artists at the National Museum in Lviv. Since then, he has held collective and personal exhibitions in Ukraine (Uzhhorod, Lviv, Ternopil, Kyiv) and abroad (Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Krakow, Przemysl, Bucharest). There were also joint personal exhibitions in co-authorship with his wife Ivanka, in particular, in Uzhhorod and Budapest.

The artist received the award in the nomination "drawing" in the gallery Aires de Cordoba (Cordoba, Spain), entered the "TOP 12 Artworks" from "Salon des Refusés 2014 "(London, the UK). According to TV 24, he entered the "Top 24 Ukrainian artists known in the world".

His works are kept in collections of the National Museum in Lviv, Ternopil Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine in Kyiv, as well as in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

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Запрошення, флаєра, афіші

Ivanka Voytovych & Alexander Voytovych. Peinture & живопис

Виставка / Яблуко від Єви / Корж-Радько Л., Корж Б., Павлишин В., Сіма-Павлишин Н., Войтович О. / Ужгород. 
(Сторінка 1) | (Сторінка 2)

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