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Artist, painter, curator of art projects.

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She was born on 31 May 1976 in Uzhhorod in the family of the famous artists – Ivan and Nadiia Didyk. Her parents as well as the creative environment she was brought up in, had a significant influence on the formation of her aesthetic views and the desire to become an artist. She studied at the Uzhhorod College of Arts named after A. Erdeli and Lviv Academy of Arts.

The works of Ivanka are absolutely recognizable and differ in extravagance and individual manner. The artist considers a still life to be one of her favourite genres. “With help of still life, I try to convey the presence of a man: he was here, then left for a minute, the coffee was still hot, the glass of wine was put on the table. There is always a person in these everyday details. I often paint my favourite flowers, things, objects. They still radiate the owner’s energy, even if he is not present on the canvas,” the author notes.

As noted by the art critics, positivism in Ivanka’s works provides her works with special interest and elegance. The artist herself also says: “My works have never been sad, and they filled with lyrics, then there is light as well. The goal of my work is to carry a positive attitude, I never paint in a depressed state or when I am irritated.”

In 1993, she started her active artistic path with the exhibition “III XO” in Uzhhorod. Since 2000 - the author and curator of numerous extraordinary projects – “On the Yellow Table ...”, “Women's Whims”, “Taming of Eros” and “Ecstasy – Going Beyond the Daily Routine” of Oleksandr Voitovych's authorship.

 She participates in numerous exhibitions in Uzhhorod, Lviv, Ternopil, Budapest, Bucharest and Barcelona, as well as in the cities of Slovakia, Poland, Austria, and Germany. Participant of numerous international plein airs.

The artist's works are kept in museums and numerous private collections.

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Статті в газетах і журналах 

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(Творчість мисткині)

Запрошення, флаєра, афіші

Ivanka Voytovych & Alexander Voytovych. Peinture & живопис

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  • Biography
  • Portfolio of works
  • Photo archive
  • Video archive
  • Bibliography