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(1938 – 2009)

Аn artist, designer, graphic artist.

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He was the member of the Association of Professional artists of Transcarpathia (1989). Member of the National Union of folk masters of Ukraine (2002).He was born in Russia, he moved to Ukraine with his family in 1944. In 1955 – 1960, he studied at Kyiv School of Applied Arts, at the faculty of ceramics, visited studios of painting and graphics. After completing his studies in 1960, he moved to Uzhhorod, worked as an artist of creative qualification in Transcarpathian Art and Design Complex of the Art Fund of the Ukrainian SSR.

In Transcarpathia H. Levadskyi was attached to the European traditions of Transcarpathian School of Painting and wrote his works under the tangible influence of I. Bokshai, A. Kashshai, F. Manailo, A. Erdeli, and G.Gluck.

In 1980, he studied at the All-Union Courses in Design (Moscow-Senezh). Three months spent in the international creative organization, which was Senezh, turned the artist's imagination about what could be the art of design. Under the direction of the founder of this famous studio, an architect, artist, theorist and designer in the field of environmental designation Y. Rosenblum, artists created at that time futuristic projects of redevelopment of the public space and other interesting things. One of the amazing works, over which worked a team of 30 artists, among them was Heorhii, were made of paper, the flagship ships of the Soviet Union fleet, which were raised high on white pedestals with a blue coloured backlight. The ships looked grandiose; they were exhibited in the showroom Manege (Moscow).

After courses, Heorhii Levadskyi returned to Transcarpathia inspired, full of ideas and creative energy. The artist took up the development of architectural solutions for the design of the public environment in Uzhhorod. He created 12 sketches of the facade drawings of the buildings of the central part of the city (morals), which were approved by the artistic council at that time, led by the talented painter and monumentalist Ivan Ilko, and embodied by many artists of the region, including well-known artists O. Saller, V. Prykhodko, and V. Shchur. Another interesting work by authors was the development of a project for the transformation of a flooded stone quarry, which is near Uzhhorod, to a recreational zone. According to the artist's plan, among the rocks, in the centre of the reservoir, a shadow theatre was to operate on the designed platform, where various cultural and artistic events were to take place. Unfortunately, the project was never implemented.

In 1990, together with his wife E. Levadska, theartists I. Manailo, V.Brenzovych and P. Khodanych, became one of the founders of the Association of Professional Artists of Transcarpathia.

The artist entered the history of the fine arts of Transcarpathia primarily as a painter and a graphic of lyrical talent. He was the author of landscapes, still lifes, portraits, icons. The favourite techniques of the artist are oil and watercolour. Also, the author's creative heritage contains many works done in the technique of drawing with a pencil or charcoal “a la prima.” The central theme in the landscape creativity of the artist was the nature of the Carpathians. His canvases are characterized by generalizations, stylization, expressive tendencies towards decorativeness, restrained activity of accents and lines. Characters on the canvases of the artist carry a national flavour, and in general, all artist's work is imbued with love for person, his life, everyday life, traditions. The artist said: “I work for people who understand me, whom I deeply understand, I live their life.”

He was an active participant of art plein air, regional, all-Ukrainian and foreign art exhibitions since 1980. Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in Uzhhorod in 2003 and 2008. Works of the artist are in museums and private collections around the world.

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(Сторінка 1) | (Сторінка 2)

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