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A painter, sculptor, carver.

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Member of the Association of Professional Artists of Transcarpathia (2011). He was born in Soimy village of Mizhhiria,  Transcarpathian region. In 1975, he graduated from Uzhhorod College of Applied Arts in the specialty “artist - designer”. He worked in the studios of "Art Fund" under Union of Artists of Ukraine in Uzhhorod, in Transcarpathian Art Plant in Mukachevo. Since 1991 he has worked in Mizhhiria Professional Lyceum. Since 1976 - participant of regional, national and international art plein airs and exhibitions.

Among the works of the artist there are a lot of landscapes and portraits. On the canvases there are thingd that surrounds the artist's daily: sceneries of native Carpathians, polonyna, rivers and forests, Transcarpathian villages and Hutsul farms. Close to the author is a sacred theme - faith and  church play an important role in his life, and that is why they are transferred to canvases in various ways. The artist himself admits that his entire life is confined to glorifying his native land: "By heart and soul it is necessary to appreciate, love,  protect and reproduce magic beauty of the native land in the field of art." The colour palette of the artist is full-blooded and bright enough that distinguishes his paintings from many others.

Master bravely uses contrasting colours in order to convey emotions, feelings. His paintings carry a powerful charge; they create a real sense of celebration for the viewer. A lot of the artist's works are done in the field of decorative and applied arts, sacred art.

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Статті у газетах і журналах

Завжди в пошуках зернят краси // Верховина. – 2013. – 29 серпня. – С. 2.
Життєвий і творчий шлях)

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(Життєвий і творчий шлях)

Мишола М. «Моя муза зі мною постійно», – каже художник із Верховини Володимир Глеба. // Срібна Земля. Фест. – 2015. – 13 - 19 лютого. – С. 9.

Публікації в Інтернет-ЗМІ

Глеба Володимир Васильович // http://karpatart.com/artist/200/gleba-volodimir-vacilovich.html

Майстер Володимир Глеба виконав майстер-клас з різьби по дереву в московському коледжі // Міжгірський професійний ліцей - http://www.mpl.com.ua/news.php?extend.175.3

Пилипчинець В. Синевир знову запросив митців на пленер // 28 березн. – 2016. - https://zakarpattya.net/синевир-знову-запросив-митців-на-плен/

Володимир Глеба // Верховинські Самоцвіти – 2016. - http://samotsvit-mizhgirya.com.ua/volodymyr_hleba.html

Любителів живопису запрошують до музею // Час Закарпаття – 4 січн. – 2016. - http://chas-z.com.ua/news/28779

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  • Biography
  • Portfolio of works
  • Photo archive
  • Video archive
  • Bibliography