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An artist, master of art ceramics.

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Honoured Master of Folk Art of Ukraine (2002). Member of the National Union of Artists of Applied Art (1991). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1995). One of the founders of the Society of Hungarian Artists of Fine and Applied Arts named after Imre Revesz.

He was born on 7 August 1944 in Velyka Dobron village, Uzhhorord disctrict, Transcarpathia. He graduated from the Uzhhorod School of Applied Arts in 1965. First, he went to learn the profession of a painter, but he was enrolled in the department of ceramics. His teachers were P. Balla, V. Svyda, I. Koptiev, E. Medvetska-Lutak, M. Medvetskyi. He worked as a ceramic artist in the Art Fund.

The artist's goods are characterized by laconicism, artistic perfection, they also have excellent consumption properties: they can be used for cooking and in everyday life.

The artist's creativity is connected with Hungarian folk traditions, which is a manifestation of creative individuality and national identity.

Art critics call the artist one of the best ceramists of Transcarpathia. They note his author's imagination, which is very rich: his peacocks, cocks, bulls, horses, fishes, birds seemed alive. Especially good are plates, vases, jugs, sets of ceramic dishes of the master. Among the known works – decorative tile "Autumn" (1981), compositions "People's couple" (1995), "A Shepherd" (1999), "A Haymaker", "A Man with Oxen" (both - 2000), a decorative dish "Fishes" (2001).

Since 1971, he has participated in regional and all-Ukrainian art exhibitions. Personal exhibitions in Uzhhorod (1991, 2004), Keshes, Sharoshpotok (Hungary, both in 1995). Winner of numerous international exhibitions, permanent participant in folklore festivals and fairs. In 1994, he was awarded with a separate prize "Triennale" in Kartzag (Hungary). In 1998, he became the winner of the Danylo Shcherbakivskyi Prize.

In 2004, the publishing house in Uzhhorod issued a catalogue of works for the artist's exhibition in honour of his 60th anniversary.

The works of Endre Hidi are kept in private collections of Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the USA, and Russia.

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Книги та каталоги

Персональна виставка да 60-річчя Гіді Ендре. – Ужгород: ПП "Медіум", 2004. – 19 с.: кол. іл. – Текст англ., укр. мовами.

Статті в газетах та журналах

Тищенко С. Шляхи-дороги Ендре Гіді // Културологічні джерела. – 2005. – №1 (9). – С. 24-25. 
(Сторінка 1) | (Сторінка 2) | (Сторінка 3) 
(До 60-річчя)

Публікації в Інтернет-ЗМІ

Гіді Ендре Ференцович // Енциклопедія Сучасної України. – http://esu.com.ua/search_articles.php?id=29480 

Керамічне диво з-під рук Ендре Гіді народжується на очах // Zakarpattya.net.ua. – 2008. – 1 вересня. – http://zakarpattya.net.ua/News/26623-Keramichne-dyvo-z-pid-ruk-Endre-Hidi-narodzhuietsia-na-ochakh 

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  • Biography
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  • Photo archive
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