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Painter, ceramist.

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Member of the National Union of Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine (2012).

She was born in Vynohradiv, Transcarpathia. From 1990 to 1993, she studied at the Uzhhorod School of Decorative and Applied Arts. In 1999, she graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts (Department of Art Ceramics). From 2000 to 2006, she worked at the Vynohradiv District Centre for Out-of-school Work with Children. Since 2006 – a methodologist of the Methodological Centre of the Department of Culture of the Vynohradiv Regional State Administration.

Among the artist's masterpieces, there are painting, graphics on glass, embroidery, decorative painting, but she focuses on ceramics. The artist actively uses natural materials for making decorative objects. Among them, there are ceramic plates, jugs, vases, pysankas, bells and the like. The decoration of the products is based on the deep knowledge of folk art, since Olha Hal has been actively collecting, systematizing and analysing symbolism, a sign system of ornamental motifs of traditional folk embroidery in the native region for a decade. Accordingly, she doesn’t not only copy but also reproduces elements of ornaments on paper from time-damaged objects of applied nature, she herself develops schemes for embroidery and decoration of various applied objects. All this makes the works of the artist itself close and understandable to ordinary people, as well as extremely interesting for art connoisseurs.

She constantly carries out field research in the field of folk crafts. He has worked over 100 components of traditional folk clothes and more than 400 household items (tablecloths, napkins, towels, pillows). She described the fragments of folk embroidery of the Vinohradiv region of Transcarpathia on more than 500 pages, systematized into three albums (almost five hundred patterns of ornaments). Olha’s materials on the study of objects of intangible cultural heritage (pottery, embroidery, weaving, etc.) are systematically published in specialized magazines. According to them, a number of guidebooks have been written and published.

She carries out the relevant work on popularizing art through organizing and holding interesting exhibitions, festivals, master classes, etc. Participant in thematic television projects. The author of illustrations to several collections of local authors.

Participant in regional, all-Ukrainian, international art events, ethnographic festivals, exhibitions, plein airs.

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Статті в газетах та журналах

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(Персональна виставка)

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