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His studio is similar to the workshop of an alchemist and an amazing museum, where the creative space is a variety of things, works and tools, covered with marble dust.


The owner of this place – BOHDAN KORZH, a famous Transcarpathian sculptor, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He was born in 1952 in the Czech Republic. Lives and works in Uzhhorod. The range of his interests, creative abilities and genre diversity is impressive. He is the author of more than two thousand works in the genres of portrait sculpture, medal art, small forms sculpture, landscape and monumental sculpture. His works can be found in numerous museums in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt and other countries. He held 16 personal exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. His favourite materials are stone and bronze. The specificity of his works is in the purity of forms and symbolism that give the viewer the opportunity to mentally finish the image and become its co-author.

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