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A painter, graphic artist, laureate of the Regional Prize named after Y. Bokshai and A. Erdeli. A disciple of the famous Transcarpathian teachers of drawing – Shandor Petki and Vilmosh Berets.

He had a warm and friendly relationship with the famous Transcarpathian avant-gardist and nonconformist–the late Ferenc Seman (Osci). He is an artist of colourful appearance, with a fluffy beard, white hair and grey moustache twisted in semicircle, for which he was nicknamed Franz Joseph among his friends, with twinkles dancing in his narrowed eyes. As his former friend Osci Seman, Janos Reiti chose the life and work path of a free artist. In the artist's studio, literally littered with canvases, frames, paint accessories and paper stacks, one can see the multifaceted creative works of the artist: still lifes, landscapes, abstractions, sketches...

But the master still gives preference to the graphic arts. He is an active participant of collective exhibitions, mostly foreign. He annually exhibits at the international graphic arts exposition in Subotica (Serbia). Among the personages of his paintings, prevalent are the characters of ancient Greek myths and allegories of the zodiac: centaurs, nymphs, furies, dryads, etc. The central place is given to woman, which is in no way strange. After all, as the author himself states: “When I see a beautiful woman, my soul awakes and my life makes sense thanks to the beauty that should be noticed...”

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